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Sirui ET2204 Easy Traveler Series: ET-2204 8X Carbon set with Ballhead - Photocreative (905) 629-0100

Sirui ET2204 Easy Traveler Series: ET-2204 8X Carbon set with Ballhead

$ 559.00
SRUI ET Easy Traveler Series: ET-2204 8X Carbon set with Ballhead

Based on the specifications of SIRUI’s TX series, the ET features flip-locks instead of twist-locks, making the exceptional SIRUI range acccesible to users preferring this style, or perhaps upgrading to SIRUI from another brand and used to this way of working. 

The ET series tripods continue the SIRUI trend of extremely low weight with very compact design. They are easy and versatile to work with in any situation, and offer a secure stable platform for your camera. The legs of the ET-Series tripods can be folded through 180°, helping them to be exceptionally compact and easy to transport when closed -  just 42cm and 43cm long depending on which model you choose.

Leg sections are locked in position with flip locks which are fast and easy to use.  All models in the line have non-slip rubber feet, offering a secure footing on most surfaces, while the Series 2 models (ET-2004 and ET-2204) go a step further, featuring twist-out metal spikes which give improved grip in soft muddy terrain and on ice.

Standard across SIRUI models, the ET tripods also have a stabiliser hook on the centre column where you can hang a stone bag or your camera bag for greater stability in windy conditions. They also have two “leg warmer” grips made of soft and grippy cellular rubber, making the tripod easier to handle in cold and wet conditions.

The ET-1204 and ET-2204 models are constructed from SIRUI’s 8x carbon fibre material in four sections. The tubes are built using eight layers of carbon fibre offering exceptional low weight yet high strength ratio, along with excellent vibration damping and stability.

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