Silver Star Mountain - Customer's Image

Image © Morten Byskov

Morten Byskov was at Silver Star Mountain recently for a shoot and on his way home he pulled over, planted his tripod in a six foot high snow bank and pointed his Canon EOS  5D /EF 300mm 2.8L IS combo towards Vernon. The tripod wasn't on the most stable ground but a beautiful scene unfolded below him he said. Vernon is quite-often completely covered in clouds for weeks at a time in the winter and that day was no different. Perhaps the sun on the horizon gives glimmer of hope that longer days will come again. Shot at f/9.0 - 1/800, ISO 100. Camera equipment purchased from photocreative inc.

Perce Rock - Customer's Image

Image © Chris Kavanagh

Chris Kavanagh shot this stunning image of Perce Rock in Gaspe Bay, Quebec over the summer with his Nikon D2X, with an AFS 70-200mm f2.8 VR lens while on holiday with his wife. Chris brought this image in for us to print as a 16x24, and we collaborated in editing the image-file in CS3. Chris loved the green patch on top of the massive landmark, while the overcast light lended-itself to a B&W treatment. So, I combined the two images ( 1 colour version and 1 B&W version)) and this is the result. Camera equipment purchased from photocreative inc.

Snowwalker - Customer's Image

Image © Jonathan Taillefer

Photo of the day, Loyalist (Photojournalism) 4th semester Staff Class, voted second best
feature of the day after a recent snowstorm.

Joyce Koomans struggles through the snow as she walks her dog  Emmie Wednessday morning along a snow drifted fence on John Street in East Belleville. Koomans walks her dog daily around her neighbourhood in Belleville. Wednesday January 7, 2009. Belleville, Ontario. Shot with a Nikon D3, Nikkor AF-S 300mm 2.8 VR lens, ISO 500, 1/1000 sec. Camera equipment purchased from photocreative inc.

Trees in Fog

Image © Jeff Chevrier

Out with a brand-new Canon EOS 5D Mark II for the first time. Lucky me! What a great camera to handle, to shoot with! Pt. Credit was where I ended up... I saw this tree with some distant trees in the fog, and shot a few frames with my EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens, 400 ISO I believe.. Kinda cool that the leaves were still on this tree in winter, as it all helped frame the image I thought. I will be shooting more with a 5D Mark II and will post more images in the coming weeks.

Snow Grasses

Image © Jeff Chevrier

Ahhh, a fresh blanket of snow... a guy with a camera, two steps outside of the shelter of my garage at home. What to do... Then I saw it. A nice abstract beckoned. Good thing I left the lawn a tad longer in the fall, as the shadows of the grasses cast a nice (and contradictory, I thought) shadow on the snowy driveway. Canon Powershot G10, AV mode at f4.5 (which seems to me to be the best aperture in terms of image-quality) ISO 80. Geometry (slight barrel-distortion) corrected in PT Lens plug-in for Mac. Image © Jeff Chevrier

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are. 2009 arrived and we have a re-designed website. Hopefully, you will find the site easier on your eye, and the tabbed navigation separates content better than the old system, particularly in regards to lenses and sub-categorization. A search tool is the only casualty right now in the redesign. Better categorization will help. Looking for a Canon or Nikon lens? Click on the tab then drill down into the sub-categories. I have seen better search / organization of products online, but as a small, boutique-style business, I think we can live with our limitations quite nicely. Also, rather than the “ everything to everyone, generalist superstore theme, ” that all the Big-Box stores seem to prefer, I chose in this redesign to concentrate on simplicity and clean design, displaying the products that our customers ask about most — you know, the items you are interested in most likely.

I hope you like it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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